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Communism by saigocage Communism :iconsaigocage:saigocage 19 6
Bei Guo
The past few years had been very busy. On one hand, China dealt with international diplomacy, on the other, her own internal strife. It was hard work keeping her country Communist after the end of the previous war. And when she was allowed to see Pyong again, he had changed. It was evident he had been tortured extensively, and was forced by other countries to give up his Communist ways.
"Suitable punishment," England had said, "for killing his twin." Sometimes, it was even hard to tell if he acted more like himself or like Yong Soo. However, he is still her brother. China's relationship with Japan and Taiwan had also improved since the war, and they even visit from time to time.
Since she was a victim of Russia's nuclear attacks and instrumental in defeating Ivan, she had more bargaining ground when it came to deciding the fate of the land. She had defended Russia from being converted into a Capitalist. After much help from the Chinese government, it just started to rule itself again r
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It was terrifying. I was sitting on my chair, reading through the documents that my emperor needed me to read and sign, when suddenly there was this searing pain on my upper back, it felt like I had been shot by... by something worse than the most advanced weapons of that time and if that wasn't enough, there was heat, unbearable heat.
I screamed out an agony, something I rarely do, usually I smile and bare the pain, but this... this was a pain... could it be call pain? It was much worse than that! I tried to stand, to run away, maybe these were enemies trying to take down the nation, but as I moved to stand, I fell to the floor. Quickly this overwhelming burning was spreading across my back; I could feel the blood soaking my coat and scarf.
All went black when someone picked me up and I knew then that I had been captured, but by who?!
It was bright when I opened my eyes again and oddly enough I was lying on my bed stomach down and it was bright! When I felt the pain on my back it had
:iconsaigocage:saigocage 2 4
Smoke and Unicorns
Snuggled tight against his former ruler, America closed his eyes. "Remember all I did for you." Were the words that were circling through his mind as sleep slowly overtook him and memories of that long forgotten night come rushing back to him.
It was during the heat of the revolution, the White House was on fire and America, young and foolish, was trapped inside.
Flames were starting to slowly engulf him, oxygen was quickly being consumed bu the fire, ad the young would be nation's lungs were filling up with ash. The toxic fumes spun inside America's skull. Then the world tilted on it's axis and all went black.
Next thing he knew he was being hoisted up o to a horse. No! It was not a horse, because American vaguely remembered grabbing on to something long and hard. It was on the head of this creature. Yes, he could almost see it now. It looked just like a horse, only it was about twice the size of even the biggest pure bred horse. In a blurred vision, America remembered seeing blue pat
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Blue by saigocage Blue :iconsaigocage:saigocage 2 7 Fanfic Writer Meme by saigocage Fanfic Writer Meme :iconsaigocage:saigocage 0 5 My Wall by saigocage My Wall :iconsaigocage:saigocage 0 2
Mihael Keehl
“Mother’s name?”
“Mail Jeevas.”
“Father’s name?”
The red head shook his head and the doctor immediately understood.
“Child’s name?”
“Mihael Keehl.”
The doctor wrote all the information down on the clip board, then motioned to the guard. He walked over to the bed and grabbed the red head’s arm, pulling him up to a sitting position. Though he remained apathetic to the entire situation, he pulled his arm out of the guard’s grasp so he could wrap them around his small child. “Do not harm the child!” gasped the doctor, but the guard disregarded him, though was less rough with the red head as he hand cuffed him from the front, so he could hold his own child. The guard started pushing him out of the hospital room with the doctor following close behind. The red head held the baby closer to his chest, so he could nuzzle his nose against his son’s soft pale cheek.
“You do understand that you can only k
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Hand by saigocage Hand :iconsaigocage:saigocage 0 0 Ribs and Hand by saigocage
Mature content
Ribs and Hand :iconsaigocage:saigocage 0 0
Spine Black And White by saigocage
Mature content
Spine Black And White :iconsaigocage:saigocage 7 3
Spine by saigocage
Mature content
Spine :iconsaigocage:saigocage 4 0
Skeleton by saigocage
Mature content
Skeleton :iconsaigocage:saigocage 0 6
Feeling Good by saigocage Feeling Good :iconsaigocage:saigocage 1 0
I wish I was special
But I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo.
What the hell am I doing here?
I don't belong here.
‘Yeah, that’s how I feel.’
Mello thought to himself as he sat alone in the cafeteria, listening to his cheap little MP3 player that all the orphans got for Christmas last year. He had a Criminal Psychology book open on one side of his plate of scrambled eggs and 2 pancakes, both of which laid untouched. Today he decided to just observe everyone, even though it pained him a lot to do that. Everyone had their own little group to spend the time with, even that freak Near, while Mello just sat alone in his usual table at the back of the cafeteria, near a large window. Normally Mello would just pull out a book and pretend that he was too busy studying to be bothered by anyone, but the truth was, even if he had a large double chocolate German cake up for grabs at his table, no one would even spare him a glance.
Mello placed an elbow on the table and his chin in his ha
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White Leaves by saigocage White Leaves :iconsaigocage:saigocage 0 0
My crap

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